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Starostin Igor Evgenievich, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of electrical engineering and aviation electrical equipment, Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation (20 Kronstadt boulevard, Moscow, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. When designing and creating original technical objects, including components of aviation systems, the question arises of the reliability and safety of their operation. The functioning of technical systems is carried out by the course of physical and chemical processes in them. To model these processes, the author developed a potential-flow method within the framework of modern nonequilibrium thermodynamics – a unified approach to the mathematical description and modeling of processes of various physical and chemical nature. The aim of this work is to develop models for analyzing the reliability and safety of technical objects from the equations of physical and chemical processes in them.
Materials and methods. Earlier, the author showed that by eliminating unknown variables and unknown constant coefficients from the equations of the potential-flow method, we obtain diagnostic and prognostic models of technical objects accurate to the data obtained from testing these objects and laboratory systems. The described exclusion of quantities from the equations of the potential-streaming method in the general case, it is advisable to carry out deep machine learning methods. Having tested these technical objects and laboratory systems, substituting the obtained test results in these diagnostic and prognostic models, we obtain models for solving various
practical problems, including the tasks of ensuring the reliability and safety of operation of technical objects.
Results. Based on the described methods, the present paper presents an algorithm for obtaining the reliability models of technical objects from information on the physicochemical processes in these objects.
Conclusions. The results of the work make it possible to plan and carry out tests of specific technical objects with the subsequent analysis of the reliability and safety of operation of these objects and the further development of a methodology to increase the reliability and safety indicators of operation of the considered technical objects. This analysis is carried out using reliability models obtained from the equations (potential-flow) of the physicochemical processes of these objects, which guarantees the adequacy of these models for various operating modes of these objects (including those for which these objects have not been tested). Because Since the potential-flow method is a unified approach to the description of physical and chemical processes of various nature, the methodology under consideration also represents a single approach to obtaining mathematical models of complex technical objects of various nature. This approach allows the development of complex technical objects with increased reliability and increased operational safety. 

Key words

technical objects, reliability and safety of operation, potential-stream method, mathematical modeling 

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